–     In 2002, R.I.S.K. Company has taken a decision to develop its own software product for organization and management of document circulation. Both the experience of vendors manufacturing such kind of software and platforms for development of this product has been studied during two years. As a platform, it was chosen the most widespread system for development of such products. Document-centric system, Domino (Lotus Notes) from IBM Corporation is much in demand in world market more than 20 years. This platform meets the highest requirements of all document-centric environment aspects.
The first version of “eSened” product has been completed by the end of 2004 based on this platform.
–     In 2006, the second, most advanced version of eSened has been appeared. R.I.S.K. Company continues to focus upon the advanced technologies and comprehensively apply them to its products.
Presently, eSened is the renowned registered trade mark of software product installed in several organizations.
  “e-Sened” is intended for:
  Automation of processes concerned with office work;
  Creation of common information area within the whole organization;
  Creation of corporative data warehouses of the organization where information is collected and presented in the form of text, graphic data, schedule, audio and video materials;
  Creating favorable conditions for all data storage and convenient data use for required purposes;
  –     Creating favorable conditions to ensure the effective operation of working groups that unite the employees of the organization;
  Ensure documents co-ordination management in the framework of the whole organization, giving instructions for execution of certain tasks, data delivery to different agencies and departments, document registration within the whole organization;
  –    Control over the documents execution.