DB is intended to inform the users about their tasks and ensure the work with subordinate documents. Notifications about tasks given to the employee, documents the employee should become acquainted with, information messages and etc. are collected in this DB.
Internal Directory

DB – covers the data about the structure of organization and its branches, detailed information about its employees as well as an extended functional of requirements on staff department.
External contacts

DB – disposes of the information about external organizations-contractors.

DB ensures the whole operation cycle of the organization with incoming, outgoing and internal documents and allows implementing working processes upon centralized, decentralized and complex forms of office work management. The work with incoming, outgoing and internal documents is performed in “Cabinet” module.

module is the main operational module wherein documents from “Secretariat” are accumulated. Resolutions, recommendations or instructions are presented, tasks are given, documents are attested by electronic signature and rotation of documents is ensured in this module from one department to another one and from one user to another one. The documents complete their cycle and are marked as executed in this base.

DB is intended for storage of old documents transferred from “Cabinet” DB. The extended search is performed in full conformity with access rights for the document in Cabinet, though some requests and access to other documents are possible upon relevant permission of Archive chief.

DB is an electronic advertisement board of the organization. The centralized collection and storage of news, dissemination of new information between employees are performed via this module. The access of employees to certain news is defined by their access rights. Besides, news posting is performed over electronic addresses.

DB is a special variant of hierarchical forums. Creation and discussion of different questions, centralized accumulation and storage of discussed materials are performed via this module.

DB is intended for issue of tasks and control over their execution.
Scanners and Faxes

DB is intended for input of documents to the system obtained via fax or scanner, transformation of these documents into e-format and further translation of afore-mentioned documents to “Secretariat” DB with relevant access rights.

DB is intended for flexible setting of eSened. It contains more than 100 different parameters and interfaces for correction of eSened phrases and terms for each language as well as the capability to create new languages.

DB is e-mail base built-in Lotus Domino system.